Thursday, 17 May 2012

You know it's summer when . . .

. . . the sound of builders' hammers ring out.

Oh, by the way, on the apostrophe:

The basis of working out whether an apostrophe 
should come before of after the es is to work out
if the word that needs the apostrophe is singular
or plural. Writer's London is correct if I am
referring to 'one writer' ('the writer in London', say,
or myself as a writer). Writers' London is correct
if I am referring to 'all writers' ('more than one 
writer'; the London of writers). In setting up this
blog, since I am referring to both, I chose
to leave out the apostrophe - until Friday when
I wanted to publish it on Twitter and realized
my mistake. Twitter is public; ergo, Twitter, fast,
brief and frequently lighthearted as it is, is
publishing in the formal sense - just so
you know. See Wikipedia page (which
incidentally includes a rather fetching
engraving of an early Gutenberg press).

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