Sunday, 20 May 2012

Towards the urban dreamscape

Visiting Old Street and its surroundings
after an interval, I am struck as always 
by how London marvellously reinvents 
itself. Instead of a wide and thunderous
dual carriageway, I found this:
 Uplighters, alfresco seating and bike racks
Neat rubbish collection
 Alfresco tables that double as tree protection
 Tree protection that works

An urban dreamscape, in the heart 
of commerce. Hats off to the Metropolitan
Borough of Finsbury (London Borough
of Islington)



  1. I haven't passed down that way in so many years. I'll certainly check it out when I go back to the UK. Thanks for posting the pictures. Urban dreamscape it is.

  2. Dear Will, Thanks for your comment - and for visiting the blog.

    It's a humanized space now - and thriving economically. What's not to like? ;D