Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Somerset House: The beautiful terrace rooms that face the river are showing Hawksmoor Churches - Nicholas Hawksmoor: Methodical Imaginings.
Curation Mohsen Mostafavi
Architectural photographs Hélène Binet
Interior of Terrace Room © Sally Crawford 2013

A review of the Summer Showcase exhibition Collecting Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld in the 1920s will appear in The Crawford Arts Review.


  1. I feel en-lightened just looking at it through my screen. Imagine how I'd feel being there!

  2. Google have changed things around so I've only just seen your comment, tut-tut.

    Yes, we are lucky in London, classical buildings all over the place.

    Somerset House is simply enormous, 4 wings around a huge open court, with a river terrace along the south wing.

    I love it, particularly the way light comes into the building - not only from the windows but as you walk down corridors. Light seems to filter in from below, from above: drawing you through the building. I think of the whole structure, now that it has been restored and filled with art organizations, as an artwork in itself.