Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Revolutionary New System (Well, I Think So) That Keeps You Dry in Rain and Shaded in Sun

It's known as a parasoleil, a rainproof parasol, and it's
for those despairing of this endless rain, followed by sun, followed by rain . . ..

Hat tip to @SpeigelPeter of the @FT Brussels office whose earlier tweet gave me the idea of rewriting what I posted earlier.

The parasoleil is British (all fall down). It's made from waxed cotton -
just as good as an umbrella but feels much more summery to carry around - and with an Ultra-violet Protection Factor of 50+ for those hot blasts of sun.

A quick look at the Fulton web site reveals they don't seem to employ this genius design for men's sun brollies: you'll have to contact them directly if pink, yellow or cyan are not your colours.

From earlier today: the famous roundel design of TfL, first used at Underground stations in the early 1900s, as furniture, from London Transport Museum.

© Transport for London

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