Monday, 11 February 2013

The Tottenham Court Road Frontage I Mentioned Earlier

Wet, with ferns growing out of the rainwater gutters, with the fascia distorted but hopefully not destroyed, a beautiful building nonetheless. Every building of a similar age carries in its structure and design a part of the retail history of London. Tottenham Court Road, the main route north from Oxford Street and the Crossrail hub to the Euston Road, has plenty of potential, plenty of the specialist shops that attract footfall: furniture and furnishings, electronic, Charlotte Street restaurants to the back of it, as well as world class hospitals and institutes: University College Hospital is at its northern end. Treasuring heritage buildings like this one can only help the street succeed in what are transitional times for retailing. This particular building has an emblem carved into the frieze at the top. I don’t recognize it but perhaps someone does.

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