Thursday, 17 January 2013

Should Goods Delivery Move to the Front?

Goods entrances at the back of buildings are very much an architectural convention dating from the era of posh people at the front, trade at the back. It’s a bit of an outdated concept. Loading and unloading from the front of the building would both protect the precious examples of back streets that still exist and ensure that lorries, with proper max weight controls, used roads that were designed for them. Perhaps you know of examples where this works well. I think it would work particularly well if lorries managed to keep to the early morning delivery routine that seems to happen without fuss in mainland Europe..
       Later when I take my camera for a walk I should be able to take pictures of back entrances that would make visiting shops a delight for shoppers instead of their having to brave the noise and congestion of roads as they are presently organized.

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