Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The South Bank Centre is now dedicated to transforming what was once a bleak concrete space into one of continuous innovation and creativity. Good for them. 


  1. Hi, Beth, It is so nice to talk to you on blogs and FB: you are right; I need to be more familiar with these things. Not to learn to use them after all would be to deprive peeps of the brilliance of (at least some oe) my work, etc. No way :D

    Tonight is the closing of the Olympics (Paralympics start on 28 August) and we have all been falling madly, madly in love with London again.

    I hope you and yours are well and blooming with summer.

  2. But will be a building site for how many years?

  3. Hi, Mo, Nice to see you on the blog

    I really don't know the exact plans for the SBC.

    But the structural part is listed so they can't (and wouldn't) tamper with that.

    I believe that since commerce is involved, they'll try to ship in the retail pods ready made (think franchises in the rail stations which just appear and upgrade at will - installed or dismantled overnight it sometimes seems).

    I'd be interested in a report if you're down there. Likewise, I'll update you if I get the chance of a visit.