Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Nature in the city, plus some reality

Just so you know, I have reached the
section in my Writers' Guide (work in progress)
on writers' intolerances. There are so many
since reality can be massively offensive 
to the writer trying either to write or think.
One of my favourite tales is the one of Kingsley 
Amis striding up to a bar (possibly in Camden
Town) and remonstrating loudly that he wanted
them to turn the musak down, preferably off. 

Today, on my way to the supermarket, 
I passed a set of road diggers whose digging
machines were issuing a decibel-din that 
was quite above that of human tolerance. 
I then negotiated shelves of breakfast
cereals with titles like 'Krave' and 
the presence in the aisles, heaving with
lunchtime shoppers, of those huge goods
delivery cages being unpacked and
shelved. A nation of shopkeepers? We
have become a nation of bad shopkeepers.
(Oh, of course, the shops would say it 
wasn't their fault: delivery lorries were late, 
stuck in traffic, there was a breakdown, 
roadworks . . . any excuse.) As I said,
a post about everyday writers' intolerances.
If you have any to add, please do - and 
thanks for reading. 

Later I found this on intolerance and 'tolerations' 
from Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer

Lilies in Regent's Park - and I actually 
managed to keep the camera still

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